Sublime Butter
Sublime Butter
Sublime Butter
Sublime Butter
Sublime Butter
Sublime Butter

Sublime Butter

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Sublime Butter
Butter has been smeared when it ought to be spread.
That delicious golden manna has come in for a good deal of flack over the last few years, but the nutritionists have now repented: butter is officially healthy. Healthier by far than the upstart margarine, which is French for ‘pot of plastic’.
And a lot more flavoursome too. Especially when we’re finished with it.
Himalayan Salt - 200g
Garlic & Herb - 90g
Chimmichurri - 90g
Bearnaise - 90g
Truffle, Parmesan & Black Pepper - 90G


Anoint meat or fish with a generous pat of Sublime as it rests. The butter melts, the flavour spreads, the dish wakes up at once. The discerning cook’s alternative to sauce and mustard.


A dollop of Sublime melted in drained pasta is transformative. Italians may cock an eyebrow, but what do Italians know about food? Quite a lot. But in this case, they’re wrong.


Sublime Society lunches were light on greens. But then, they had never melted Sublime butter over cooked vegetables—enough to make herbivores of even their goutiest members.


Melt a whole pack of Sublime in the pan, wait for the enticing foam, and then cook your steaks, turning a few times throughout. Sirloins well done, even when served rare.


Not only is our butter the best thing since sliced bread, it is also good on it. Especially when that bread is crusty and warm enough to produce billows of Sublime-scented steam.


An English staple. And, like many English staples—forgive us—rather bland. Enliven yours with a dollop of Sublime: add to drained and boiled potatoes, and vigorously mash.