A message to all our East Sheen Customers


Hi Everyone!

Sorry it has taken a while for us to post this...

Regretfully, we have taken the decision to stop with the stall. It has been a long time coming but due to the huge downturn in sales, and with added work commitments the writing was on the wall for some time! We are really sorry to let you down, but it just wasn't an option to keep going and hoping the tide will turn!

With that being said we have absolutely loved the time we have been there, we have laughed, cried and made friends with lots of you as well!

We have lined someone up to start there to replace us in the new year. He also has lots of experience and is a good character so i'm sure you won't miss us for too long!

We are still going to be continuing with the website and will still be frequenting Sheen regularly so hopefully we will bump into you sometime soon!

Thanks for the support during a particularly tough year for all.

Josh, Jacob & Jake

East Sheen, Farmford & Co