Fennel - Baby


Baby Fennel

  1. Baby fennel¨Ürefers to immature¨Üfennel, of which both the bulb and leaves are edible. ...¨ÜBaby fennel¨Übulbs are crunchy and are best eaten when they are around 5 centimetres in diameter.¨ÜBaby fennel¨Üalso produces long green stems and feathery leaves. Both the bulb and the leaves have a sweet, herbaceous licorice-like taste.

Where it's from?

Farmford's baby fennel

UK, France, Italy.

(Depending on where it's in season throughout the year).

Perfect Pairings

Farmford's perfect match for baby¨Üfennel

  • Fish
  • Pork
  • Lamb
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