Pineapple - Honeyglow Extra Sweet


Honeyglow Pineapple

  1. The¨Üdefinition¨Üof a¨Üpineapple¨Üis a tropical fruit with a tough outer shell that looks like a pine cone with edible yellow fruit inside. A tropical fruit with edible yellow fruit that is used to make pina coladas and that is typically put on Hawaiian pizza is an example of a¨Üpineapple.

  2. The Honeyglow is the Prized product from the Del Monte plant in Costa Ri ca. The prolonged maturation of the plant makes them bigger and juicier. A must try!¨Ü


Where it's from

Farmford's Honeyglow Pineapple

Costa Rica¨Ü

Best Eaten

Farmford's perfect¨Üways to eat Honeyglow¨ÜPineapple

  • Cocktails
  • Desert
  • Juiced
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